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Basic Parameters

Driving Type: 6x4 / 10 Wheels / 3 Axles
Horse Power: 371HP / 420HP
Bucket Size: 29CBM - 33CBM
Loading Capacity: 70Tons - 90Tons

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Truck Model


Driving Type

Left hand Driving (Right Hand Driving is optional)


HW7D, single side cab, safety belts and air condition

Laminated windscreen, adjustable driver's seat with heating and ventilating system

All-steel forward control,adjustable driver's seat and shock absorber



Diesel 4-stroke direct injection diesel engine

Engine Model: WD615.47T2, Euro 2, 371 HP

6-cylinder in-line with water cooling, turbo-charging and inter cooling

Displacement: 9.726 L


HW21712, 12F & 2R, with PTO

Ratio: 15.00, 11.67, 9.19, 7.15, 5.63, 4.38, 3.43, 2.67, 2.1, 1.63, 1.29, 1.00, 17.76(R1), 13.81(R2)


ZF power steering, model ZF8118, hydraulic steering with power assistance

Front Axle

HF12, 1x12000 KGS

Reinforced steel dual I-shape beam front axle

Rear Axle

AC26, 2x26000 KGS; Ratio: 8.51; Option: 10.47

Reinforced steel dual reduction drive axles, with inter-axle and inter-wheel diff.lock

Propeller Shaft

Double universal joint propeller shaft with gear-shaped coupling flange


Frame: U-profile parallel ladder frame with section of 320x90x8mm, reinforced sub frame all cold riveted cross members

Front Suspension: Reinforced semi-elliptic leaf spring with shock absorbers and stabilizer bar

Rear Suspension: Reinforced unitary rear balanced suspension, semi-elliptic leaf springs with stabilizer, 4 U bolts equipped on each side

Brake System

Service Brake: Dual circuit compressed air brake

Parking Brake (Emergency Brake): Spring energy air brake on front and rear axles

Auxiliary Brake: Engine exhaust brake

Electrics System

Operating Voltage: 24 V, negative grounded

Starter: 24 V, 5.4 Kw

Alternator: 3-phase, 28 V, 1500 W

Batteries: 2 x 12 V, 165 Ah

Cigar-lighter, horn, headlamps, fog lights, brake lights, indicators and reverse light


14.00-25 tyres with one spare tyre

Fuel Tank


Cargo Body

5800x3100x1700 mm,  Floor 14mm Side 12mm, Mining type

Overall Dimension

8600x3326x3310 mm

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